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Reimagining the aesthetics of Hollow-Design - a timeless reflection of your elegance within.

Time is the essence of inspiration of all greatness, so we had set our time and craftsmanship to make this one. Our timepieces are dedicated to those with a fine heart and never-ending passion for being different - it is artistically architected in our DNA.

ciga watch design 1
ciga watch design 2
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X Shaped

X-Shaped deck and self-developed movement. The most concise and stable strucutre in physics.

The CIGAdesign X Series integrates a one-of-its-kind X-shaped movement with a patented technology at the core of its storytelling in ultimate skeletonization. The X Series has approximately 40 hours of energy storage and a movement frequency of 21600 times per hour, making it the most concise and stable movement deck structure in existence.

ciga watch tech 1
cciga watch tech 2
ciga watch tech 3

Beyond Tech

World's first shockproof structure inspired by premium SUVs.

Inspired by the suspension structure of Sport Utility Vehicle - CIGAdesign innovatively added independent suspension springs to the four corners of the watch for an anti-vibration scheme to offset the impact of external forces with shock absorption and buffering to optimize resistance capacity and better protect the perfect functioning of the X Series.

ciga watch tech 1
ciga watch tech 2

Glowing Beauty

Elevate your mood at night. Whatever you see, it caresses you back.

Powerfully elegant outside and already beautiful by day, vivid and flowing shapes entice the eyes, but the X Series grows even more captivating when night falls. It is our luminous pointers where your senses come alive at night.

ciga watch design 1
ciga watch design 2
ciga watch design 3

Extreme Rigidity

Unparalleled titanium case

Crafted in grade 2 titanium with various sports and outdoor applications in mind, The X Series Titanium is designed and aimed specifically for the extremes and gives excellent rigidity. X Series' skeletonized baseplates and bridges were subjected to extensive validation tests to ensure it is meeting the maximum requirement.

ciga watch tech 1
cciga watch tech 2

Choose yours

Decide your momentum for its definition.

From time to time, we are destined to choose the best among the bests. With the new arrival of the CIGADesign X Series, we proudly present our distinctive selection: titanium and stainless steel, with absolute appreciation in watchmaking. Now, take your next advancement of elegance, and desire.

ciga watch 1
ciga watch 2
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CIGA X Series. The one of a kind.

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