Continuous Power On Demand

Recharge to 80% in Just 1 Hour

June 2021 on Indiegogo

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Upgrade your safety and lifestyle

SuperBase Pro: Ready for Any Situation

Enjoy safe, uninterrupted power for all your essential appliances and devices at home, outside, or anywhere you need it.

Features & Specs

Numbers You Can Count On

SuperBase Pro delivers performance and peace of mind any time, anywhere, with advanced features and reliable performance.


in One Hour

The fastest solar and AC recharge speed on the market with max 1,800W input.


High Capacity

Extended emergency power for home essentials drawing up to 2000W AC, with surge capability of 4000W.


Output Ports

Charge laptops, led lamps, drones, appliances, and just about anything else for daily or emergency use.


Ways to Recharge

AC outlet, solar panels via AC/DC input, car charger, or generator. Uninterrupted power supply function.


AmpUp* Output

* The companion app is required to turn on AmpUp mode.


Intelligent App

Location-based services, theft protection, battery health management and more.

Ultra-Fast Recharge

SuperBase Pro provides clean energy storage for use in an unlimited number of applications in virtually any weather conditions. PVMax patented technology unlocks SuperBase Pro’s superfast charging potential to support up to 1,800W solar input, or up to 80% charge in an hour, the same speed as its AC input.

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Product Preview
Product Preview Product Preview

Portable & Durable

The telescopic and fixed handles, with the built-in industrial grade wheels, provide unparalleled ease of travel even on challenging terrains. SuperBase Pro is reinforced against collisions on the outside and the inside, to equip you with a rugged and reliable product for real-world use outdoors.

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Intelligent, Intuitive, Evolving

Customizable user experience with battery health management, recharge time setting, display off time, sound on or off, remote control, low battery notification, remote firmware upgrade, and more. Built-in 4G IoT coverage in 120 countries for a dependable connection to your SuperBase Pro. The companion app even allows you to control multiple power stations.

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Care for the Environment


Collect green energy and make a difference. Your total carbon reduction will be recorded by the companion app. The points you earn will go toward planting real trees on your behalf.

*Collaborated with 🌳 OneTreePlanted
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Hardware & Software

Powerful and Reliable

Don’t settle when it comes to choosing a portable power station. SuperBase Pro is built with high-quality materials and expert engineering, to give your devices safe, dependable power whenever it’s needed.

Patented Technologies

AmpUp, GridFlow, PVMax. Recharge superfast by Solar/AC, with overload protection built in.


High-performance, real-time processing, effective super-charging with ST ARM + TI DSP processors.

Household-Grade UPS

Power protection for all connected electronics.

Product Preview

Conveniently recharge throughout the night, discreetly. In-app activation is required.

6.1” Clear Display

The large screen offers realtime, useful information about the performance and status of your SuperBase Pro.

EV-Grade Batteries

Safe and long life cycles with Li-Ion NMC/LFP materials*.

*SuperBase Pro is available in 2 models both with large capacity: 2,096Wh and 1,456Wh.